TNF signalling

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24 мая, четверг, 17:30

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 «TNF signaling: the divergent regulation from cell survival till cell death»

Mike Hupe

Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Stockholm, Sweden

 Mike got his Diploma in Biology from Georg-August-University Göttingen, Germany in 2004 and his PhD from the Dept. of Experimental Dermatology, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany (2011). Currently, he is a postdoctoral fellow at Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Stockholm, Sweden. Mikes interests are revolving around various signaling pathways underlying cell fate decision and cell differentiation. For several years his main focus was death receptor signaling. This led to several publications including two major ones:

Geserick, P., M. Hupe, M. Moulin, W.W. Wong, M. Feoktistova, B. Kellert, H. Gollnick, J. Silke, and M. Leverkus. 2009. Cellular IAPs inhibit a cryptic CD95-induced cell death by limiting RIP1 kinase recruitment. J Cell Biol. 187:1037-54. P. Geserick and M. Hupe contributed equally to this paper.

Feoktistova, M., P. Geserick, B. Kellert, D.P. Dimitrova, C. Langlais, M. Hupe, K. Cain, M. Macfarlane, G. Hacker, and M. Leverkus. 2011. cIAPs Block Ripoptosome Formation, a RIP1/Caspase-8 Containing Intracellular Cell Death Complex Differentially Regulated by cFLIP Isoforms. Mol Cell. 43:449-63.

Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) is a founding ligand of the TNF-superfamily and an essential cytokine with pleiotropic effects on various cells. Dysregulation of TNF signaling results in a wide range of human diseases. In most cells TNF is a potent inducer of inflammatory cytokines and a mediator of cell survival while in others it is able to induce cell death. How these divergent signaling pathways can be activated from the same ligand is an area of intense investigation. This lecture will shed some light on the different signaling pathways activated by TNF. We will discuss how these pathways are regulated and how they can be manipulated to shift the cellular response to TNF stimulation.

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